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PB Tech - Education

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Supporting over 1200 schools

Discover why PB Tech is New Zealand's leading I.T. and technology supplier for the Education sector.

PB Tech is proud to have been looking after thousands of New Zealand schools, students, educators & IT departments since 1993. As of 2017, we currently support over 1200 different NZ schools!

We strongly believe that students should have access to the best tech to help them learn, create, and develop strong digital & tech skills to bring with them into their futures. With the digital industry ever-growing and technology becoming more and more implemented into our daily lives, it’s crucial that young New Zealanders have access to tech in schools.

Why choose PB Education for your school?

Our education business has been built on the fundamentals of having a large stock holding at the best price for schools. Through our unique global sourcing and local distributor agreements we can offer over 5000 products at NZ’s best prices, ready to ship to your school.

PB’s dedicated Education team work tirelessly to bring leading technology brands to NZ schools such as Apple, Dell, HP, Chromebooks, and more. We also work hard to bring educational tech workshops to schools and teachers. These encourage the development of engineering, programming, team-building, mathematical, digital, robotic, scientific and problem-solving skills within the classroom. 

Our team also offers a wide range of support services and our online portal, where teachers, educators & principals can simply the procurement of technology products. Our specially developed portal can be customised to suit the specific needs of your organisation including but not limited to: logo, branding and colour scheme, product and category lists, custom pricing levels depending on user account level, payment options & delivery methods.

Most importantly, the PB Education team cares. We love our NZ Educators and work hard every day to connect, collaborate & share with NZ schools. You can keep up to date with us on Twitter @NZSTEM and @pbtechnz, and our email is always open for questions, quotes, pricing, or general inquiries: education@pbtech.co.nz

How to open a Credit account with PB Education

Please click here to download our credit application form. Once completed and returned we will complete a quick reference check. When successful, you contacted by a PB Education account manager, their job is to assist you in anything that you require. We will also provide you with a unique login which will unlock our education pricing online.

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Meet the PB Tech Education Team

Stan Fosenbauer Stan Fosenbauer (Head of Education) Stan.Fosenbauer@pbtech.co.nz
Nathan Williams Nathan Williams (Head Office) Nathan.Williams@pbtech.co.nz
Joshua Yoon Joshua Yoon (North Shore) Joshua.Yoon@pbtech.co.nz
Jun Zhou Jun Zhou (Henderson) Jun.Zhou@pbtech.co.nz
Vinson Tarm Vinson Tarm (Manukau) Vinson.Tarm@pbtech.co.nz
Haley Mai Haley Mai (Auckland Uni) Haley.Mai@pbtech.co.nz
Cindy Boo Cindy Boo (Auckland City) Cindy.Boo@pbtech.co.nz
Jason Lum Jason Lum (Penrose) Jason.Lum@pbtech.co.nz
Spaak Wang Spaak Wang (Tauranga) Spaak.Wang@pbtech.co.nz
Hayze Zhuo Hayze Zhuo (Hamilton) Hayze.Zhuo@pbtech.co.nz
Cedric Chen Cedric Chen (New Plymouth) Cedric.Chen@pbtech.co.nz
Clare Yang Clare Yang (Wellington) Clare.Yang@pbtech.co.nz
Nancy Liang Nancy Liang (Christchurch) Nancy.Liang@pbtech.co.nz

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